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It is often necessary to connect company's LANs that are located in different parts of the city, or even in different parts of the country e. g. to connect a sales office LAN to that of the headquarters, a storehouse LAN to that of the shop or just a remote computer of a dealer point to the central billing system of the company. Regular telephone lines and modems can be used as a compromise, but this solution might not always meet the company's demands. In cases when a fast and reliable system of data transfer is needed the BCC offers a service of connecting LANs into a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Having its own network that allows to provide services to the clients in Tashkent BCC offers the service of connecting LANs in shortest terms, and provides services to clients all over Uzbekistan.

Each LAN is connected to the BCC network; BCC network is configured in a way that it becomes 'transparent' for the LANs as if they are connected directly to each other. Installation of an additional router (so called 'border router') in each LAN is necessary; the router will re-direct the local traffic for remote network into the BCC network. For improved reliability and faster data transmission an installation of a specialized router is recommended (e. g. Cisco Systems routers), but solutions with routers based on the PC running under OS Linux or Windows are also possible. For transmission of sensitive data a data encoding on the LAN border routers can be set up.

Service price comprises of the connection setup for each LAN and monthly fee that depends on the necessary data transmission speed and number of intermediate transfer hubs of the BCC network.

Besides the VPN functioning with established connection may be used for connecting the client to the Internet.

VPN tariffs

Connection Speed


Monthly fee, UzSoum

1 Mbps


200 000

2 Mbps


300 000

4 Mbps


600 000

6 Mbps


900 000

8 Mbps


1 200 000

10 Mbps


1 500 000

20 Mbps


3 000 000

  • In case when new line should be organized additional cost shall be applied
  • Modem/router for VPN organization may be provided by BCC for additional cost.