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Domain name(Domain) – your personal or business home on the Internet, it’s a piece of online real estate that you control completely as long as you own the rights to that name. For example - our business website.

BCC provides 2-nd level Domain names registration services starting from 2003

We provide possibility to check any domains that is in your interest through our website. All registrations to be done in BCC office.

Physical persons, should provide passports for registration.

Services Unit Price (Including 15% VAT)
DNS Support - Free of charge
.UZ domain names registration 1 Year 30,000 UzSoums
.UZ domain names renewal 1 Year 23,000 UzSoums
.UZ domain name renewal in "REDEMPTION PERIOD" 1 Domain 40,000 UzSoums
.UZ domain registration with payment outside Republic of Uzbekistan 1 Year 15.00 USD
.UZ domain renewal with payment outside Republic of Uzbekistan 1 Year 15.00 USD
.UZ domain name renewal in "REDEMPTION PERIOD" with payment outside Republic of Uzbekistan 1 Domain 15.00 USD
  • All prices provided including 15% VAT.
  • REDEMPTION PERIOD - Have been implemented starting from 01.09.2019
  • REDEMPTION PERIOD - The service implies a recovery period for the domain administrator’s rights to the continuous administration of a respective domain name for up to 30 days. This means that CCTLD, the central domain authority in Uzbekistan, assesses it a redemption fee in addition to the usual yearly fee in order to get it renewed by . The redemption fee cannot be waived under any circumstances. To request a domain renewal from the Redemption Period via email, please contact support, indicating the domain name you want renewed. A domain that has been expired for more than 30 days cannot be renewed. After 30 days the domain is released and is available to be purchased again by any individuals.
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