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ADSL INTERNET ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) is a new technology that enables to convert a slow analogue telephone line into a high-speed digital one. Easy installation, free telephone, megabit speeds of data transfer and high quality of line - these are the main advantages of the new technology. Key benefits of the ADSL Permanent or dial-up The fact that your computer is permanently connected to the Internet is the main difference of the permanent connection from the dial-up one. Therefore, in order to check e-mail or visit a website you do not have to dial a provider"s modem pool. The BCC company offers a full range of Internet access services (permanent and dial-up access, e-mail, domain registration, web-hosting, technical support) which makes it attractive for corporate clients. Free or busy If you surf the Internet using the dial-up access your telephone is busy. Vice versa, if someone is talking on the phone you will not be able to use the Internet. Using the ADSL the phone stays free all the time. You may surf the Internet and talk on the phone simultaneously. High speed or broadband The ADSL is a broadband technology. It provides data transfer speed up to 7.5 Mbit/s in direction of the client and up to 1.5 Bbit/s - from the client. The high speed allows comfortable work with websites, fast download of large files and documents, multimedia, full usage of interactive applications. Whole local network A single ADSL channel allows a group of users to work freely in the Internet. ADSL modems are manufactured with two types of interfaces: USB and 10Base-T. Modems of the first type are intended for personal use and do not require a power supply. Modems of the second type are more convenient in multi-user environment; most of them have built-in routers. When the local network becomes a global one ADSL lines may be used not only for Internet connection but for creation of distributed corporate networks as well. Quality Thanks to the fact that the ADSL connection does not use the regular phone network in whole (which has a high level of noise and interference) but only the line from the client to the phone station there is a big difference in quality between the ADSL and the regular telephone line. Error probability on the ADSL line is about 10E-8 - 10E-10 while on the regular telephone line it is much higher: 10E-3 - 10E-5. Easy setup The main requirement - special equipment has to be installed on the client"s telephone station. ADSL equipment of the BCC company is installed on the following telephone stations of the Tashkent City Telephone Network: ATS-256/252 ATS-232/233/236 ATS-254/255/215/281 ATS-244 ATS-234/235 ATS-245 ATS-267/268 ATS-237 The ADSL connection follows the dial-up one in the ease of installation. For the dial-up access a client has to buy a modem, sign up a service agreement with the BCC and setup the connection once. The procedure of installation of an individual ADSL link has only one additional step - preparation of your phone line on the phone station. When a multi-user ADSL line is being installed the BCC specialists have to test the quality of the line at the client"s site. If it meets all necessary requirements it is being connected to the BCC equipment at the phone station. Afterwards the BCC specialists visit the client"s site once more for equipment installation and setup. ADSL and others The ADSL technology has several serious advantages. Compared to satellite and wireless access systems it provides higher quality of connection that is close to that of fiber-optic lines. Unlike the wired direct lines there is no need to find a free copper pair for the ADSL. No ISP would install a direct line just for one client in the apartment building, but with the use of the ADSL he/she would be connected to the Internet without any problem. TV cable networks require much higher capital investments and they are being installed slowly, so the probability of getting cable Internet services in any place in Tashkent is very low. How the ADSL works Why are the services absolutely different even though the ADSL and dial-up use the same telephone line? How the ADSL works As a matter of fact the copper wire at your apartment (office) is connected to the telephone station that is designed for a signal of 4 kHz bandwidth which is quite enough for voice transmission. A regular modem simply adjusts to the telephone network capabilities, therefore it has a speed limit of 56 kbit/s. However, technical parameters of the copper wire itself are much higher, its bandwidth is close to 1 MHz which enables to transfer data at megabit speeds. In order to convert the regular line into a high-speed digital one special digital devices, splitters or microfilters, are connected at the ends of the copper wire - one at the telephone station, another at the client"s apartment - that enable simultaneous use of the phone and Internet over the same line. One end of the station splitter is connected to the telephone station, the other one - to the multiplexer (DSLAM) that is linked to the Internet. The client"s splitter is installed at the phone outlet, it has two outputs - one for the ADSL modem, the other for all telephone jacks at the apartment (office) The scheme when the ADSL modem is connected directly to phone line and all phones, faxes and other analogue devices are connected through microfilters is more convenient for the client but requires several filters instead of just one. What happens on the line The whole bandwidth of the copper wire is divided by the splitter (microfilter) into two parts: low-frequency bandwidth for the telephone connection and high-frequency bandwidth for the data transfer. What happens on the line The high-frequency bandwidth is divided into 247 separate channels, each with the bandwidth of 4 kHz. Without going into technical details this may be presented as if 247 independent telephone lines were installed between the client and the telephone station. One part of them is for incoming stream of data (from Internet to the client), the second part is for outgoing stream. The system is designed in a way that each channel is being constantly monitored and data is transmitted through those channels that have best parameters. Perspectives The ADSL is practically only one technology that can make the wide bandwidth Internet access a popular service. In conjunction with the home net technology it will soon enable to make the permanent Internet access as popular as the dial-up access is now.


ADSL — это простота установки, свободный телефон, скорости передачи данных до 20 мегабит — вот главные достоинства этой технологии.

Когда локальная сеть становится глобальной

Линией ADSL может использоваться не только для подключения к сети Интернет, но и для создания распределенных корпоративных сетей.

Простота подключения

Что касается простоты подключения, то достаточно приобрести модем, заключить договор на обслуживание с ВСС и один раз настроить соединение. 

При установке многопользовательской ADSL линии, специалисты ВСС должны сначала протестировать "медную пару" на пригодность, и затем, после перекроссировки, повторно выехать к заказчику для подключения и настройки оборудования.

ADSL и другие

Технология ADSL обладает несколькими серьезными преимуществами.

В отличии от систем спутникового и беспроводного доступа она дает более высокое качество соединения, близкое к качеству волоконно-оптических линий.

По сравнению с проводными выделенными каналами для ADSL не требуется изыскивать свободную медную пару. Никто из операторов не станет прокладывать выделенный канал, если сеть Интернет понадобится одному жильцу в доме. А вот c помощью ADSL его подключат без проблем.

Сети кабельного телевидения, требующие на несколько порядков больших капиталовложений, развертываются медленно и вероятность получить подобную услугу в любой точке Ташкента крайне невысока.

Зона покрытия ADSL

Мирабадский узел

251 / 215 (0000-1999)
256 / 252
253 / 280 (4000-6328
255 / 254 / 281 (3000-6099) / 215 (5000-7399)
257 / 258  / 215 (2000-2999)
215 (абоненты не проживающие на массиве "Строитель")

Янгиабадский узел

297 / 294 (0000-4999, 8000-9999)
290 / 283
292 (0000-4999)
291 / 283 (2000-4999)
296 / 294 (5000-7899)
293 (0000-4735)
299 (5000-5999, 8000-8999)
295 (0000-2999, 4000-5303)

Чиланзарский узел

277 / 271 (0000-2999)
271 (4000-5999) / 274 / 275 / 217(2200-4900, 6100-6399)
276 / 271 (6400-7615)
278 / 273 / 288 (2000-5055)
272 / 271 (3000-4000)
218/217(0000-0599, 7100-7299)
216/217(0600-2199, 5000-6099, 6400-7099, 7300-7999)
270 / 287(1868-4899)

Центральный  узел

225 / 220 (2000-3072) / 223 (6350-6599, 9000-9975)
221 / 224
232 / 233 / 236
234 / 235 /237 (6000-6999)
212 / 222 / 223 / 220 (8000-8999)

Шайхантохурский узел

248 / 228 (0000-2199)
246 / 227(1000-1999)
245 / 227 (0000-0999, 4316-4999)
240 / 227 (2300-4315)
247  / 228 (5000-6999)
243 / 227 (5000-5927)
229 / 228 (7000-8999) / 227
242 / 249

Мирзо Улугбекский узел

263 / 260 (0000-2763) 
267 / 268 (0000-6567)
264 (0000-8375) / 261
269 (1992-9606)
262 / 269 (0000-1991) ; 9607-9799
265 / 266 (0000-4675 ; 5000-6831)
289 (2000-3999)